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Fit By Fabian was a fully equipped private fitness studio located at Santa Monica Beach that was operated by Bodybuilding Champion Fabian Lewkowicz from 1993 to 2019. Fit by Fabian specializes in Bodybuilding, Bodyshaping, Firming and Toning, Strength Training, Weight Management, Nutritional Meal Planning and offers very fast results. All fitness sessions are private. There are no other trainers with other clients in the studio. It is just you and Fabian. The studio is free from distractions, interruptions and competition. You get complete privacy and 100% of Fabians professional attention with immediate access to all equipment. There is no waiting for equipment that optimizes results. All programs are individually designed to meet your specific fitness goals, achieving quick, safe, and visible results. Fit by Fabian can accommodate up to one to three clients per session. Sessions generally lasts 50 minutes. Fabian's clients range from business people and home makers to athletes and senior citizens. There are no gym or membership dues.


Fabian Lewkowicz, owner and operator of Fit By Fabian Private Fitness Studio, began weightlifting at the age of 13, by 15 Fabian began his fitness career working at the Nautilus Fitness Center as a floor instructor. Fabian began competing in bodybuilding at the age of 16. He competed and won several regional, national and international bodybuilding competitions while continuing to train clients. In 1992 Fabian opened his private fitness studio, "Fit By Fabian," in Santa Monica, where he could train his clients without distractions and offer a private atmosphere, which his clients preferred.

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2001 Presidential Sports Award
1999 Mr.Natural Olympia 3rd
1999 Mr.Natural Universe 2nd
1990 Mr.Mid USA 1st Place
1991 Grand Prix 4th Place
1990 Mr.California State 2nd
1989 Mr.San Diego 1st Place
1986 Mr.Texas Gold 1st Place
1986 Mr.Physique Southwest 1st
1985 Mr.Teen USA 5th Place
1983 Mr.Desert Classic 4th
1983 Mr.El Paso 3rd Place
1993 Presidential Sports Award

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